Mitering a Border Print, Will It Work?

Mitering a Border Print, Will It Work?

I love stripes but finding a way to feature them in a project can be a challenge. When I find a stripe fabric that is great, I like to feature it in my project so that it looks its best. Mitered Borders are a great way to achieve this. But how do you know if the border print or stripe that you have chosen will work well for a mitered border? It is a very simple process really, let me tell you how.

  1.  Take a piece of striped fabric that you like
  2. Fold it in half with the wrong sides together. If you are looking at fabric that is still on a bolt, it is already folded for you.
  3. Next, fold again so the folded edges are together.
  4. Finally, fold down the top corner (the loose one) 45 Degrees
  5. The pattern revealed will show you how your stripe will look when it is mitered.
  6. What do you think? Not sure? try it again but rotate the fabric 90 degrees first so that the stripes go the other direction.

Try this some time, it is a fast and easy way to "audition" a fabric and see how it may work for your project.

Enjoy adding some fun to your next project.


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