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Vacuum Survival Tips for the Holidays

Vacuum Survival Tips for the Holidays

It's that time of year that we are all scurrying around trying to clean our houses before company comes over! It's work enough preparing to entertain, but when your vacuum doesn't work right, it is even harder. Your vacuum cleaner is an important tool to keep your carpets and floors clean. With the holidays coming, your vacuum will be put to the test. The holidays bring an abundance of dirt, soil, food, pet hair, leaves and pine needles into your home. While we can't prevent the mess, we can prepare our vacuum for it!

Tips on readying your vacuum:

1. Change all the filters.

Even if your filters say they can be washed, don't...replace them instead. Dirt and water make mud and create mildew. Clean filters create better air flow and reduce particulates including the added pollen that a live Christmas tree will add to the air in your home.

2. Change the belt.

Most vacuum belts are rubber and they stretch out. When your vacuum belt is stretched it does not allow your brush roll

to agitate your carpet fibers and deep clean. The next time you are in the market for a new vacuum, be sure to ask about cleaners with lifetime belts that never stretch, and never require replacement.

3. Clean Your Brush Roll.

Take the time to turn your vacuum upside down and remove hair, ribbon, thread and other items that have become twisted around your brush roll. Try using a pair of scissors to quickly cut away the foreign fibers from your brush roll. If you do this frequently you can often remove all debris from your brush roll without having to take the faceplate off your vacuum!

4. Change the bag at least every month.

A fresh vacuum bag keeps odor and mildew from exhausting into your home. Changing the bag regularly also improves the vacuums "vacuum" and allows for the unit to perform at its maximum performance. As your Christmas tree dries out, the extra pine needles will fill your vacuum bag up quicker than normal...if your vacuum smells like a Christmas tree, it's time to change the bag!

5. Watch out for what you vacuum up.

Vacuums are designed and built around vacuuming small debris. So if you can see it, pick it up with your hands. Also,

vacuums with hoses are more susceptible to clogging. Pine needles, leaves, wrapping paper and clothing tags can block hoses causing clogs. Pine needles are the usual culprit for clogged vacuums this time of year, while its temping to suck them all up in your vacuum, its a good idea to scoop up as many as you can with your hands and throw them in the garbage before turning your vacuum on!

6. Get your vacuum serviced.

A clean vacuum cleans better. Vacuum service centers experience more service volume the first week of every new year, the reason is clogged vacuums. Pine needles are the # 1 reason for a clog during this time of year. Have your vacuum serviced at Quality Sewing and Vacuum prior to the rush. We will replace the filters, replace the belt, clean and oil the brush roll, completely wipe down the housing and motor. So you can clean throughout the winter into the new year!

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