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YouTube Sewing Channel Roundup

Are you the type of person that likes to see how a project is done before attempting it yourself? I am. The other day I snooped around YouTube for sewing channels to follow and thought I would compile my findings on the blog. If you're following any sewing channels that aren't listed here please include your picks in the comments section below. Some of these channels are from businesses and others are just normal people, posting for the fun of it.

List of fun sewing channels on YouTube (yes Quality Sewing even has one):


Brother Sews

Designs In Machine Embroidery

eSewing Workshop

Husqvarna Viking

Leisure Arts

Perfect Sew & Fit

Pfaff Official

Puking Pastilles Etsy

Quality Sewing WA

Rebb Sew

Sewing Republic

Sew Crazy

Sue Hausmann TV


Thread Banger

Let me know what you think!


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