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Baby Lock

Baby Lock Regalia ST Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine with Table - with FREE Online Classes (BA-LOK60D)

Baby Lock Regalia ST Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine with Table - with FREE Online Classes (BA-LOK60D)


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The Regalia ST longarm stationary quilting machine is the perfect machine to step into the world of longarm quilting!

It features a large 20” throat space and two optional tables to fit your sewing preference and space. Whether you prefer to sit or stand, the Regalia ST comes with all the big features to fit in a small space and finish your quilts with ease.

The Baby Lock Regalia ST comes with 60 days of FREE Online Classes with Baby Lock's Love of Knowledge Membership!

Register for your 60 Day Online Classes by CLICKING HERE!

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Regalia ST 20 inch Work Space

Large 20" Workspace:

  • With 20” of workspace and 10” of vertical space, the Regalia ST gives ample room to finish quilts of all sizes. 

2,500 Stitch Per Minute:

  • Keep a quick and steady tempo of up to 2,500 stitches per minute. The Regalia ST is as fast as it is accurate.
Regalia ST SPM
Regalia ST M-Class Bobbin

M-Class Bobbin:

  • You’ll need fewer bobbin changes with the highspeed rotary hook and large-capacity M-class bobbin.

LED Lighting:

  • Long-lasting, high-intensity LED lights illuminate your workspace so you can see every detail on your quilt.
Regalia ST LED Lighting
Regalia ST Needle Beam

Needle Beam:

  • The Needle Beam highlights your needle position, so you know exactly where your next stitch is.

Stitch Harmony Stitch Regulation:

  • The Regalia ST has built-in stitch regulation so you can quilt smooth, even-length stitches. Whether you choose the speed settings of Cruise Mode or the ability to make hard pauses without interruption with Precision Mode, the Regalia ST has both.
Regalia ST Touch Screen with Onscreen Handwheel

7" Color Touchscreen with Onscreen Handwheel:

  • Set and easily read Stitch Control Features with the large, color LCD screen. The onscreen handwheel raises and lowers your needle without having to reach around the machine.

Quick-Set Tension:

  • Easily adjust upper thread tension and view your settings on the digital LCD readout.
Regalia ST Quick Set Tension
Regalia ST Lift Table

Baby Lock Lift Table - Table Option 1:

  • Choose from two table options for the Regalia ST. The Baby Lock Lift Table is 38”x 38” with an adjustable table height from 23” to 49” to easily sit or stand while quilting.

Baby Lock Standard Table - Option 2:

  • Choose from two table options for the Regalia ST. The Baby Lock Standard Table is 36” x 38" and allows you to comfortably sit while quilting.
Available for purchase onlineAvailable Online and In-Store
  • 20? wide workspace to right of needle and 10? high
  • Needle Beam
  • 7? color touchscreen
  • LED Menu-controlled Lighting for on/off throat space lighting, needle bar lighting, and bobbin light
  • Stitch Regulator is built-in and regulates your selected stitch length from 5 to 24 stitches per inch
  • Cruise and Precision Mode
  • Quick-Set Tension
  • Upper thread break sensor
  • Automatic Needle Positioning; Needle Up/Down
  • Maximum sewing speed of 2,500 spm
  • High-speed rotary hook with ?M? Class Bobbin
  • External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds
  • Low bobbin estimator warning when bobbin thread is running low
  • Two timers
  • Included Accessories
  • Electronic bobbin winder with variable speed
  • 5 ?M? class metal bobbins
  • Interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot
  • 2 packs of needles (size 16 and 18)
  • Thread Mast
  • Oiler
  • 1 wrench, 4 Allen wrenches, and 1 screwdriver
  • Lint Brush
  • Instruction manual on USB
  • Warranty? 10-year casting parts, 5-year parts, 5-year circuit boards, 5-year electrical, 90-day labor