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Bernina Snap-on Shank #78

Bernina Snap-on Shank #78

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Snap-on presser feet consist of a snap-on shank and various snap-on soles, depending on their use. A clamping mechanism ensures easy and secure attachment of the sole.

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Convenient replacement of snap-on soles

  • For use with all BERNINA snap-on soles
  • Easy and secure attachment
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

The BERNINA Snap On Shank #78 is essential for attaching snap-on soles, which are easily attached to the shank by snapping the holder onto the sole.

This coupling mechanism facilitates changing between the individual snap-on soles and saves time. The Snap-on shank can be used for the wide selection of BERNINA snap-on soles.

This foot is compatible with machine type

  • A1 (1008)

What Category Type is my Machine?

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