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Easy Grip Pliers

Easy Grip Pliers

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Multifunctional metal pliers with easy grip plastic handles! Serrated tip helps clamping on to fabric, fibrefill or anything in place.

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A true multi-function tool gives you creative freedom and the ease to do so! Turn straps and handles right side out, push out corners, and pull elastics through casings.

Hold down binding as you stitch near the end of a project for even and balanced seams and corners. Turn small pieces in doll clothing or stuff fiberfill into those hard-to-reach spots.

The pliers are great for clearing thread jams and holding thread tails. Thread sergers with a single tool! Multilingual plastic-free paper display. Instructional video QR link on the packaging.

  • Colors: pink and navy.
  • Item dimensions: 2.75in x 5.1in
  • Display dimensions: 6.7in x 5.9in x 5.3in
  • Item gross weight: 520g (1.15lb
  • Made of: Metal and PVC
  • Use: Scissors
  • Size: Item, 2.75in x 5.1in
  • Included: Display and 24 pieces
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