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Grace Cutie Breeze Tabletop Fabric Frame

Grace Cutie Breeze Tabletop Fabric Frame


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Now through June 30th, save over $400 on your purchase of a Grace Cutie Breeze Frame! Call for details.

The Cutie Breeze tabletop fabric frame is a convenient and versatile option for framing your quilts. It can be easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, and its lightweight design allows for easy transportation. This frame operates similarly to a standard hoop, allowing you to create quilts of any size.

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The Cutie Breeze is a frame designed to let you frame quilt where you want. Designed to be stored in a matter of minutes, and light enough you can carry it! The Cutie Breeze works like a standard hoop and allows you to make any size quilt your heart desires.

Works on almost all flat and even surfaces in your home

This frame does not come with legs because we want you to use it in your space! A kitchen counter, a kitchen table, a picnic table, and so many more spots. Just make sure the hoop and carriage are firmly planted. We have sizing below so you can envision all the places you will be using this frame!

Why you'll LOVE the Cutie Breeze!

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  • Your Machine
    The Cutie works with almost any home sewing machine. Use your own machine or upgrade to one of ours.


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  • Save space
    Designed to be lightweight and portable, this frame fits on top of a table or desk and can be easily stored away. Turn this frame vertically or lay it flat to fit into whatever space you wish to stow it.
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  • Affordable option
    Literally thousands of dollars cheaper than most options, this frame gets you into frame quilting cheap.
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  • Boundless Possibilities
    Create projects of any size using our zone-to-zone method. If you can imagine it, the Cutie can help you make it happen!