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Premium Clear Vinyl

Premium Clear Vinyl

SKU: SUP151-16X54

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Sturdy, yet flexible, this premium weight vinyl is 54 in wide and double polished for maximum clarity. 0

A 16-gauge vinyl, it is the perfect weight to hold up to extended use while still being easy to sew through.

Use this beautifully-clear vinyl for see-through pockets or windows in organize bins, purses and bags, wallets, and more.

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Flexible, yet sturdy, this premium weight 16-gauge 54in wide vinyl is double polished for maximum clarity. The vinyl is easy to sew through and can be used for linings or pockets in organizers, purses and bags, wallets, and more. Plus, the interleaving paper helps keep it from sticking to your machine and makes it easy to see when cutting.

There is no need to worry about spills as the vinyl is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a cloth. Easy to roll and store when not in use, the vinyl's flexibility makes it perfect for sewing projects. Rolls are 16in x 54in.
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