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Sew Tites

SewTites Sew 'n Store Hangstand

SewTites Sew 'n Store Hangstand


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Effortlessly organize and store your SewTites with the Sew 'n Store hangstand. This sturdy metal stand functions as a "pincushion" for your SewTites, making it easier to add, remove, and use them during your projects!
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Stop dealing with jumbled clumps of SewTites!

The Sew ‘n Store hangstand is a heavy-duty metal stand you can use as a SewTites “pincushion” to:

  • More easily add, remove, and use SewTites when working on your projects,
  • And beautifully organize and store your SewTites

Simply snap your SewTites onto the metal stand, then collapse and hang up on your pegboard or other hook for storage, or keep it on your sewing table.

It’s 5 x 12”, so it’s big enough to hold lots of SewTites, but small enough to keep on your sewing table, hang up to store, or tuck away to take to classes and retreats.

And, we made this stand out of very thick metal, so it won’t tip or wobble when you’re trying to remove your SewTites from it.

Plus, it’s turquoise, so it’s a pretty way to organize and store your rainbow of SewTites.