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Baby Lock

Baby Lock Stabilizer Ultimate Kit

Baby Lock Stabilizer Ultimate Kit


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This pack includes seven different types of Baby Lock stabilizer. This bundle has what you need to support a wide variety of embroidery designs and projects for professional results. From lace and appliqué, to fleece and sheer fabrics, you'll find stabilizer perfect for every project.

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Cut Away Cut Away Soft (BLC203):
• Medium to heavy stitch count designs
• Provides a non-stretch, supportive base for embroidery
• Dense enough for single layer application
• Roll 12" x 10yd

Tear Away Tear Away Firm (BLT103):
• Stable for even the densest designs
• Removes easily without disturbing stitches in design
• For denim and other stable fabrics or stitch-dense designs
• Roll 12" x 10yd

Wash Away Hydro melt (BLS400):
• Provides a smooth surface for embroidery
• Suspends designs on surface to prevent stitches from sinking into the fabric and dissolves completely from design
• For plush, high-pile fabrics like terry cloth, towels or fleece
• Roll12" x 11yd

Wash Away Dissolve away mesh (BLS500):
• Provides stability when embroidering but dissolves in water
• Leaves no residue, 100% water soluble
• Stand-alone designs and emblems or projects like lace and appliqué
• Roll12" x 10yd

Cut Away Cut Away Soft - Black (BLC202):
• Stable and supportive, yet soft
• Knits and woven fabrics that need extra stability
• Projects with dark colored fabrics
• Roll 12" x 10yd

Cut Away No Show Mesh (BLC301):
• Attaches firmly in hoop; no need for basting or adhesives
• Translucent and light; leaves no backing shadow
• For sheer or lightweight fabrics and knits
• Roll 12" x 10yd

Tear Away Tear Away Firm (BLT102):
• Simple pressure-sensitive adhesive
• Perfect for fleece, velvet, velour, ultra-suede and other challenging fabrics
• Works on all light to heavyweight fabrics
• Roll 12" x 5yd

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