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I Love Our New Puppy but Our Carpet Doesn't

I Love Our New Puppy but Our Carpet Doesn't

This past fall we got a wonderful new addition to our family. Roca is the sweetest puppy ever! The only drawback is that we had just had our carpets cleaned and our sweet little pup didn't come pre-trained or with a bladder larger than a postage stamp.

Now that you can surely imagine my plight, let me give you a further twist to my dilemma. We are on well water that is high in iron and tends to spot our carpet brown when used to clean a spill. I always feel like I am trading one spot for another.

There is a product that I saw at one of our stores by Riccar Floor Care called Dry Carpet Cleaner. I got a kit, to start with, called the Pet Survival Kit, which comes with the Dry Carpet Cleaner. What did I have to lose? So I thought that I would give it a try. After all, my husband thinks the carpet is ruined anyway.

At the advice of the store manager, I followed the package directions and restrained myself from overdoing it. I was told not to use to much product or scrub too much. It seemed wrong to use what seemed to be so little and to not scrub extensively. I must say, the stains, even though old, came out beautifully! I know where the spots were, but I really can’t see them.

Here’s how it works… Use the Pre-Treatment Spray to moisten the area and let it set for 5-10 minutes. Use the sifter that comes with the powder and dust the surface, covering the stained area. Let it stay there until it is completely dry (mine stayed overnight because I forgot about it). Vacuum to remove. It was actually very easy to use and really was no work at all.

Somehow all of the stain is absorbed by the Riccar Dry Carpet Cleaner, and it leaves no tell-tail sign that my puppy had ever been there. The fibers of the carpet are not matted down or damaged like they can be from the use of a machine.

I was very impressed and plan to always have this on hand. But I sure hope that our pup is now old enough to not present this particular issue again.


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