Light Up Halloween with Spooky and Bright Designs!

8 Fun Halloween Projects!

Spooky and Bright Designs

With Halloween approaching it’s time to have some spooky fun with Amazing Designs “Spooky and Bright” CD. This design pack was created so you can add lights or crystals to embellish your embroidery projects. We offer Fabric Lights that fit perfectly within the designs.

To add lights to your design:

  1. Embroider the desired design on anything you want to add a little sparkle to.
  2. Use small sharp scissor to poke a hole in the middle of the eyelets with-in the design. Trim away the extra fabric close to the inside of the eyelet; be careful not to cut the embroidery

  3. After the holes are trimmed, begin inserting the lights from the wrong side, taking care not to tangle the wires.

  4. Once the lights are inserted; place a rubber holding ring over the lights to secure them.

  5. Your lights are now in place and ready to use…enjoy!

For even more Halloween fun...

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8 Fun Halloween Projects!

8 Fun Halloween Projects!

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