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Top Tools: Audrey’s “No Wobble Ruler”

Audrey's No Wobble Ruler

This week we at Shop Quality Sewing are pleased to bring you Audrey Schmitt's story of how she invented the "No Wobble Ruler," which has helped countless customers create marvelous quilts with less frustration. If you've been struggling with trying to cut out perfect half-square pieces for your quilts then read on about how Audrey overcame this obstacle and ended up creating a useful tool in the process. Keep quilting!

Audrey's No Wobble Ruler

My name is Audrey Schmitt and I am so excited to share a unique tool I invented, out of sheer necessity: the "No Wobble Ruler."

First, about myself. I have been working for Quality Sewing & Vacuum since 1997. In my years with this outstanding company I have had many opportunities. I am constantly learning and teaching new sewing and quilting techniques. Through my experiences at Quality I realized the need for a tool to trim out my half-square triangles. There was nothing perfect available; the tools on the market would wobble and slide off the seam making it impossible to make an accurate cut. So, I asked my son, a tool maker, to make a ruler with a groove to accommodate the seam.

He went right to work and made a prototype, brought it to me and it worked perfectly, thus solving the problem. He made a mold for the 2.5" that I needed with tooled an edge on all sides to prevent my fingers slipping off the edge. The rulers were a hit and because of requests from customers more sizes were added. We now have four sizes the 2.5" 3.5" 4.5' and 6.5" rulers, and these rulers are made in America!

Please take a look at the web site and or my web site to view my rulers. Or check out the video below for a detailed demonstration about how to use the rulers. They make great tools for your quilting needs, and make a wonderful gift for your quilting friends and family -- they will definitely add these rulers to their top tools list. If you've used the "No Wobble Ruler" before please share your experience by leaving a comment below and share a link to your recent quilting projects.

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How To: Audrey's "No Wobble Ruler"

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