NLA - Grace Q'nique 21 PRO Longarm Quilting Machine

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The Grace Company is taking quilters to new heights with our new Q’nique 21 Pro quilting system. You will be in awe after you experience its buttery smooth motion. The 21 Pro quilting machine steps above the consumer level midarm/longarm, and can compete with more professional quilting systems.

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The New Grace Q'nique 21 PRO New Features:

  • 21 inch throat space
  • Built-in stitch regulation
  • Adjustable handles/Micro handles
  • Position-able hopping foot
  • Full-color OLED screen
  • LED needle lights
  • Built-in automatic bobbin winder
  • Underneath Bobbin, Vertical Hook
  • Stitches Per Minute: 2,600
  • Throat Work Space: 21x9"
  • Head Dimensions: 15.5" X 20.25" X 32.4"
  • Better screen 5" square with more functionality like Bobbin Estimator and More!

The Grace Company consistently generates new and exciting ideas in product design, and is always on the rise in excellence and quality. With the release of the Q’nique 14+ and 21", the Grace Company revolutionized a new segment of the quilting industry, bringing professional features to quilting enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Now, with the release of the Q’nique 21 PRO Longarm, every product made continues its focus on the customer by employing quality, comfort, and convenience at every level. Like the Grace Company itself, quality is at the heart of the Q'nique quilting machine line of products.

The Q’nique 21 PRO features 21 inches of throat space from the needle to the back of the work area. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks.

The Grace Q'nique 21 PRO is much faster. Increased from 1,800 Stitches Per Minute now increased up to 2600SPM on the Grace Q'nique 21 PRO.

The old Q’nique 21 features a powerful motor, delivering a smooth stitching experience with a top speed of 1,800 stitches-per-minute. The new Qnique 21 PRO is much FASTER!

It also includes a built-in stitch regulation (a high-end feature normally found only on more expensive long-arm quilting machines.) The Q’nique 21 PRO has been precisely encoded for a beautiful, consistent stitch. Stitch regulation is available on three of the four different stitch modes to give you maximum control over your quilting.
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Warranty•1 Year Warranty on Electrical Components
•2 Year Warranty on Mechanical Components
•5 Year Warranty on the Cast Metal Body
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